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Regardless of your position, there are some basic rules that you have to follow in order to avoid being eaten alive in this industry. In general, food people march to the beat of a different drum than your average lawyer, doctor or business guru and tend to be a bit clannish. Once you’re accepted into the fold, however, you’ll make friends that will be loyal forever. Following are some tips to help the newbies out there learn how to survive in the hospitality industry.Observe the Pecking OrderEvery food establishment has a pecking order. It starts at the top with the best working people that have been there forever. At the bottom of the pecking order are those who have, through excess pride or idiocy, managed to keep themselves out of the inner circle. Food people are some of the kindest, most welcoming people on the planet, but we are also intolerant of arrogance and people that don’t want to play well with others. On your first day, observe the pecking order. Figure out who’s who and who’s not. Until you have a feel for the pecking order, maintain neutrality and keep your mouth shut.Respect Has to be EarnedNo matter how much experience or education you have, you are still the newbie. Arrogance will get you nothing but scorn because in this industry, it’s actions not words that prove your value. If you’re doing your job, you don’t have time to stand around telling people how good you are. Work hard, listen to what people tell you, and be a good team player. Don’t be an ass-kisser or a gossip monger. Everybody who’s anybody hates it and both behaviors are counterproductive. Finally, in order to earn respect, don’t be a doormat. Stand up for yourself if you need to but make sure that you have a leg to stand on first. You need to be able to take constructive criticism but you don’t have to take disrespect.Assume That Everything You Say is Public KnowledgeWhy? Because it is. In the food business, there is no such thing as a secret. If you choose only one piece of advice to follow in order to survive in the hospitality industry, then this should be it. If you say something about a coworker, it’s a guarantee that it’s going to get back to them so don’t say anything privately that you don’t have the nerve to say straight out, with the person looking you in the eye. The same thing goes for personal information. If there’s something about yourself that you don’t want everybody to know, don’t tell anybody. This bit of wisdom will save you a truckload of heartache down the road if you take heed.Make Nice With the ChefIf there’s one person in the entire establishment that you want to play well with, it’s the chef. He (or she, just to remain politically correct!) is the person who can make or break you. He makes your food; both for your guests and your own! Never walk on his line without permission; it’s his sacrosanct space and it’s extremely disrespectful to cross the line without asking.If you have a food problem, handle it delicately by simply stating the problem. There’s never a need to be insulting. He may look like a sumo wrestler with a meat cleaver, but he’s actually probably more like a s’more; crunchy on the outside, but a marshmallow on the inside. A good chef loves every plate that he sends out and is extremely sensitive about it. He works hard and cares about what he does, so be respectful because he most likely has a long memory.Respect the Property of OthersThe number one rule that will keep you out of trouble forever when it comes to personal property is this; if it’s not yours, don’t touch it. Because a hospitality crew is a family, stealing is an unforgivable sin. It goes beyond simple loss of property; it’s a breach of trust. People work very hard for what little they have and many folks are supporting entire families on the tips or frequently meager salaries that they make. Once you’re part of the team, your coworkers will give you the shirt off their backs if you need it more than they do, but don’t even think about stealing from them. Much more than your job will be at stake.By following these few simple rules, your transition into the world of food will be much easier. It’s actually very simple. Be a good person, be a good worker, and be a good friend, in that order. Life in this business can be rewarding both personally and financially if you go about it the right way from the beginning. Now that you know how to survive in the hospitality industry, go forth and prosper!

Commercial Refrigeration Is the Cornerstone of the Food Service Industry – Industry Food

Commercial refrigerators are vital components of the food service industry. They provide many options to restaurant owner for organization and storage of perishable goods. Size and capacity are some of the main contributing factors that are used in the selection process for commercial refrigerators when a purchase is made.Refrigeration companies have become more diversified within the last decade in improving their technology with refrigeration performance for their customers. The Traulsen refrigeration company offers a variety of durable and progressive commercial refrigerators and freezers for their clients to employ.Their units are outfitted with highly innovative temperature control microprocessors that monitor and regulate air temperature to protect food from bacterial growth and prevent spoilage. This gives Traulsen refrigerators a definitive edge over their competition in the commercial refrigeration industry.To remain competitive in the industry, you must be able to supply a wide variety of functional and resilient inventory of products to your customer to remain successful. Traulsen refrigerators are offered in many styles and sizes for the convenience of their clients. These include compact refrigerators, sliding-glass door units, under counter refrigerators, display showcase units, and many more. Their inventory needs to be large and they must be able to provide parts and service to these units as well.Their refrigerators are made from stainless steel on the interior and exterior, though some are constructed from anodized aluminum in the interior for sanitation reasons. All of their units are electrically wired to preclude consumption of energy, saving their clients more money in the long run.Their structural composition must be one that can meet the physical demands of a constant, and sometime abusive, environment. Traulsen units are specifically manufactured with the thought of that type of setting in mind prior to its assembly.Their Company came into existence around the time of WWII, at which time they were aiding the efforts of the war by providing the government with in-field, portable refrigeration units to troops to keep their food sources from spoiling. It was that type of atmosphere that projected their mentality for durable and lasting refrigeration construction.As you can see, there are many important elements to the commercial refrigeration for the food service industry. It is an ever-expanding industry. They are always looking for ways to improve in the areas of technology to better serve their clients in the food service industry to stimulate its growth and production.